BITZER Ammonia Compressors Gain Key Marine Safety Certification

The open drive screw compressors in the OS.A95 series get the DNV GL certificate too. Safety on board with ammonia as the refrigerant. The ship classification society DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd) now also certifies the BITZER screw compressors in the OS.A95 series. Models OSKA9593-K and OSKA95103-K are available, which amongst other features boast large displacement flow rates of up to 1,015 m³/h, with an integrated IQ Modul and infinite capacity control. Apart from a variety of reciprocating compressors, open and semi-hermetic screw compressors, with this, BITZER now also has the largest and newest series of screw compressors with the DNV GL certificate. The latest certification makes the choice for shipyards easy. The ship classification society DNV GL has now also certified the BITZER screw compressors in the OS.A95 series for use in marine refrigeration systems. With this, those responsible can now choose from a large range of certified BITZER compressors for use in maritime applications. To receive this certification, the specialist for refrigeration compressors had to verify the source and quality of the materials used, amongst other things. Versatile and efficient: OS.A95 screw compressors Sustainability is an important subject for many companies, so customers’ interest in natural refrigerants is growing. BITZER is meeting this need with the screw compressors in the OS.A95 series for industrial applications and marine refrigeration systems. With their high cooling capacity and the automatic Vi adjustment, they are suitable for a wide range of uses. BITZER has optimised both the rotor profiles and the flow cross sections, to ensure that OS.A95 models are just as suitable for air conditioning and for medium temperature applications as they are for the low temperature refrigeration range or for heat pump applications. One important part of the OS.A95 series is the built-in dual valve, which is used to control the compressor’s internal volume ratio and its cooling capacity over a wide range of applications – both smoothly and efficiently. The compressor’s cooling capacity is controlled via its integrated IQ module, which is in turn controlled by a higher level plant controller. Its internal volume ratio is automatically set, depending upon the operating pressures. BITZER also has couplings and coupling housings as accessories in its range. About the DNV GL The DNV GL is a ship classification society which is active worldwide. Amongst other things, it certifies materials, components and systems which are relevant for the safe operation and the quality of ships, but also of offshore and industrial systems.
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