CAREL presented its latest range of refrigeration controllers at Euroshop 2020

Date: 02 March 2020
CAREL presented its latest range of refrigeration controllers at Euroshop 2020

CAREL at Euroshop presented iJ, the new platform of commercial refrigeration controllers, with special focus on the OEM food service market. iJ is the result of CAREL’s thirty years of experience, which through its products has marked the technological evolution of control solutions for refrigeration.

Fit and empower customer units

iJ is not a simple controller, but rather a complete platform that, using modular architecture, can meet different market demands.

The offering allows the final unit to be enhanced with innovative features specific to food and merchandiser applications. Two ranges will be on display at Euroshop 2020, iJF and iJM, designed respectively for Food storage & display and Merchandiser applications, such as beverage coolers and ice cream freezers.

New aesthetic integration

Using CAREL’s FlexiFIT technology, aesthetic customisations can be developed that enhance the final units and allow OEMs market products with a high level of customisation and a unique appearance.
“The iJ platform was designed to consolidate the knowledge acquired in the food service and merchandisers market: IoT cloud services combined with a captivating display, typical of ‘made in Italy’ design, with intuitive usability and a high degree of customisation”, explained Matteo Bullo, Group Sales Manager - Food Service. 

Simply connected

iJ offers the state-of-the-art in connection possibilities, both Bluetooth and always-on connection such as 2G and WiFi.

By adopting and customising the iJ platform, refrigerated units can become easily connected, allowing OEMs to explore and optimise new business models. Furthermore, ij enables field engineers and end users to carry out operations in the field quickly and easily, using a smartphone and app.

“IoT cloud services, simple interaction, reliability and environmental sustainability are the main challenges we face every day alongside our customers”, commented Giovanni Tonin, Food Service Application Manager. “With iJ, CAREL aims to mark a new starting point and excel in the areas of connectivity and digital services”.

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