Carrier Introduces Updated Smart Sensor for Infinity Zoning

Date: 13 December 2020
Carrier Introduces Updated Smart Sensor for Infinity Zoning
Carrier launched an updated zoning sensor to be used with its flagship Infinity System. The sensor provides homeowners with a wall control featuring a new, contemporary design, with the ability to control an individual zone in the home’s Infinity zoning system. 

The new smart sensor was designed with the homeowner in mind. Smaller than the previous generation of sensors, the sensor features a touchscreen with an updated look and feel that blends easily into the décor of many homes better than ever before. The new look of the smart sensor also mimics the look of the Infinity System Control to help maintain a uniform appearance throughout the house. In addition, the new smart sensors highlight the innovation behind the Infinity System by providing an easy-to-read temperature display and intuitive controls. Homeowners also can adjust the fan and hold settings for each zone, as well as monitor the humidity levels and outdoor temperature.

“The new smart sensors offer a sleek new look for our homeowners, with the functionality that is expected with the Infinity System,” said Frank David, product manager, Residential Thermostats and Controls, Carrier. “The new touch-screen design will resonate with homeowners as it echoes many contemporary device interfaces. In addition, each sensor is smaller than previous generations, so they will be less intrusive to the home décor.”
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