Castel introducing new key product range

Date: 24 July 2020
Castel introducing new key product range
Castel introducing new key product range, suitable to meet all the applications:

Perfect for flammable fluids POLYHEDRA was introduced during MCE 2018 and offers components suitable for all the flammable refrigerants (HC, HFO & R32 – A3 and A2L groups for ASHRAE 34-2016 and PED group 1) and, for example, high pressures and high compressor discharge temperatures.
This was achieved always maintaining the “safety of use” at the highest levels. Also, POLYHEDRA components are future proof. They can stay installed even if the refrigerant changes, since they are already suitable for both standard and flammable fluids.
The POLYHEDRA line protects the designer from any future change by offering the luxury of forgetting the choices made in the design phase: the product supplied by Castel will certainly be compatible with any fluid used.
The wide range of connections covers up to a diameter of 2-1/8” placing the Castel solenoid valves as the largest compatible with A2L fluids, remembering that for diameters greater than DN25, the certification of conformity is necessary and will be provided with the product.
The opportunity to have large diameter connections allows you to reduce the number of components in the system, such as using a 2-1/8” ball valve instead of two 1-1/8” valves in parallel.
With less components to be mounted, the installation time is reduced, as well as the points of possible leakage, making your system more reliable and reducing the final test time. Plus of course, less components means cost savings.
With these product ranges Castel is now the ideal partner for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, with no limits for the new refrigerants both today and in the coming years.
If CO2 is the fluid selected, Castel presents the largest range of compatible products. Just open the catalog or website and browse the product line called GOGREEN where you can select the most suitable components for the required pressure.

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