Castel/Pego has generated a complete plug & play solution

Date: 30 August 2021
Castel/Pego has generated a complete plug & play solution
The complete control and monitoring of the system has never been so easy, with a single component manage the refrigeration system.

The collaboration from Castel’s new series 27 expansion valves with Pego electrical panels, has generated a complete plug & play solution, that can work with a lot of different layouts of the system.
The stepper motor of the 27 series of Castel expansion valves is an electromechanical device that converts electrical pulses into discrete mechanical movements. The sequences of the pulses is directly related to the direction and to the precision of the spindle of the valve. The particular machining of the spindle determines the compatibility with all control systems. The linearity of the valves operation will maintain the constant dynamic behavior during its modulation control, through the whole operating range. The particular design of the motor that integrates the anti-rotational system in only one component without a gearbox, makes it resistant to high levels of stress, allowing for working conditions in continuous modulation.   

Using this solution, you can control the whole system of two or three-phases evaporating units. You can manage the compressor and the fans, set the alarm, command the solenoids and also control the expansion valve directly from one single device. The particular “BRAIN” of Pego electronics, and its sophisticated design, makes these products ideal for any applications, including visible locations. Thanks to its Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) and the factory settings, it can satisfy all the requirements from highly skilled technicians  as well as the simplest plug & play needs.

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