Cliven presented the new SPHERA EVO 2.0 EASYHybrid range

Date: 05 July 2022

The new SPHERA EVO 2.0 EASYHybrid range comes in two versions:

  • Box split heat pump from 4 to 16 kW with integrated 24 or 34 kW.
  • T Box unit can be installed inside an aesthetic cabinet called T-UNO, to which two other cabinets, T-DUE and T-TRE, can be added to make up "the central heating unit".
  • SPHERA EVO 2.0 EASYHybrid is the integrated system producing instantaneous DHW besides space heating and cooling
  • It is a solution for the total comfort all-year-round for any installation and place
  • Heat pump optimized function
SPHERA EVO 2.0 EASYHybrid BOX is the ideal Hybrid Heat Pump for applications where you want to easily replace an obsolete boiler. It is ideal for single-family, multi-family homes and even offices.

  • Class A+++ in heating BT (LWT 35°C)
  • Class A++ in heating MT (LWT 55°C)
  • From -25°C in heating up to +43°C in cooling, hot water production up to 65 °C
  • (80 °C in hybrid operation)
  • Wide operating envelope Tua 60 °C a -15 °C in heat pump operation (only thermodynamic)
  • ICE Protection System on the outdoor unit
  • Integrated condensing boiler of 24 kW or 34 kW with instantaneous production of DWH
  • Extremely quiet outdoor unit from 55 dB[A] (4 kW system) and 66 dB[A] (16 kW)
  • HP RANGE from 4 to 16 kW
  • COP up to 5,40
  • Euroswitch Function for optimal management of the gas boiler and electricity combination
  • WiFi connection for the management of the system through the dedicated APP
  • Refrigerant lines up to 30 m and precharge ready until to 15 m
  • Max difference in height of 25 m (ODU above and IDU below)
  • Single fan outdoor units

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