Clivet Presented New 2022 Split Lineup

Date: 24 January 2022
Clivet Presented New 2022 Split Lineup

Clivet Presented New 2022 Split Lineup. The new 2022 Single Split, MULTISplit and Light Commercial lineup is available. 

The main news are:

  • New Single / MULTISplit Schiara 2: high efficiency design model in class A+++/A++, sizes 27M and 35M, equipped with 180° rotating fins and purification filter
  • Stelvio update with new function for humidity management, also via App
  • Box 2 950x950 update:
    • New aesthetic design panel
    • Reduction of the diameter of the condensate drain connection to 25 mm
    • The pump is now outside the unit for easier maintenance
    • The pump is now 1.000 mmH2O (previously 750 mmH2O)
    • New packaging optimised to withstand falls from greater heights
    • Air inlets 23% larger for quieter operation
  • New Hydronic module for MULTISplit systems, for the production of water up to 60°C, also manageable via App
  • New TWIN combinations and new functions for the Light Commercial range
  • New concealed Wi-Fi kit for Box 2 950x950 unit

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