Clivet presented new series heat pumps ELFOEnergy Edge EVO with R32 refrigerant

Date: 14 April 2020
Clivet presented new series heat pumps ELFOEnergy Edge EVO with R32 refrigerant

Clivet presented ELFOEnergy Edge EVO (WSAN-YMi) is the new series of air to water full DC inverter heat pumps for external installation, with the R32 refrigerant, available in 6 sizes from 5 kW to 16 kW.

ELFOEnergy Edge EVO series presents many important innovations both from the appearance point of view and from the components and functionality, which makes it even more competitive and innovative.

New appearance

ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is presented in a new design and, thanks to an aesthetic appearance, it can be easily integrated into any living context.


  • APP
    ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is equipped with WiFi connection for connection with the dedicated APP, which allows to manage all the main functions of the heat pump.
  • ELFOControl3
    ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is compatible with ELFOControl3 , the Clivet advanced control system to manage the operation of the entire system. It offers simplicity of use, high seasonal efficiency thanks to the optimization of units efficiency and operation, comfort improvement and operation safey for each ambient condition.

Configurations e accessories

  • Back-up heater
    ELFOEnergy Edge EVO proposes the electrical back-up heater (IBHX) as a separate accessory. With a nominal capacity of 3 kW, it provides additional heating capacity during extremely cold outdoor temperatures operation conditions.
    Available for all sizes, is designed to be wall mounted in indoor locations only, water piping connections provided by the customer.
    From now, sizes from 61 to 81 can be configured with the back-up heater integrated in the hydronic module, with a nominal capacity of 3 kW for monophase sizes and 4,5 kW for threephase ones.
  • Buffer tank
    The 60 liters system tank (TANKX) to be positioned below the heat pumps to minimize spaces is already available. It can be combined with piping kit for the connection to the heat pump (KTCAX), either on the supply or on the return side.


  • Double adjustable set-point
    With ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is possible to set two different set-points for the management of two temperature, both in heating and cooling. ELFOEnergy Edge EVO is also able to manage the recirculation pumps for each zone.
  • Smart-grid e photovoltaic
    With always more attention to environment and for an even greater application versatility, the new Smart-grid function is available for the operation integrated in a Smart-Grid (SG signal) or in combination with a photovoltaic system (EVU signal).
  • Demand limit
    It is possible to limit the current absorbed by the unit through the Dip-Switches on the control board inside the electrical panel of the unit.
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