Cpro ZAmid Technology by ZIEHL-ABEGG

Date: 30 January 2017
Extremely light, extremely stable, extremely durable, extremely quiet and extremely efficient. The new high-performance centrifugal impeller, the Cpro ZAmid, stands up to all challenges – be they high operational temperatures, or special requirements in cleanroom or other air-conditioning applications. The high-performance composite material ZAmid, developed using the latest insights, makes the impeller significantly lighter than those made of steel - and offers superior mechanical properties. ZAmid provides new opportunities for system runtimes, enables lower power consumption and leads to a drastic reduction in noise. Flow engineering marvel with three-dimensional blade geometry. Another effective technical feature of the Cpro ZAmid Technologie is the three-dimensional blade geometry which produces ideal flow characteristics with exceptional results. Cpro ZAmid is manufactured using a one-shot injection-moulding process in a highly complex injection-moulding machine, resulting in no welded joints. This highly technical process ensures the highest system reliability. The new high-performance composite material ZAmid Technologie extremely stable, non-corroding, colour-stable, and is 100% recyclable.

Innovation at a glance

▪ Significant weight reduction, which reduces motor bearing loads and increases the system service life ▪ Drastic reduction in noise generation ▪ Significant increase of the impeller efficiency, which reduces the absorbed power ▪ Reduced power consumption ▪ Up to 15% energy savings during operation ▪ Significant CO² reduction ▪ Improved mechanical properties, comparable with steel ▪ No weld seams ▪ High peripheral velocities up to 70 m/s ▪ Can be combined with various types of motors ▪ Tonal noise reduction up to 5 dB ▪ Suitable for operational temperatures from -20°C to +80°C, comparable with steel impellers ▪ Corrosion-free ▪ No toxic gas emissions ▪ Colour-stable

Pure innovation

The combination of the innovative ECblue and PMblue motor control technology with the Cpro ZAmid Technology high-performance centrifugal impeller promises unbeatable performance. Starting with the impressive efficiencies of over 90%, the modern motors, in combination with the Cpro ZAmid, attain unsurpassed aerodynamics. In synergy with the newly developed Cpro ZAmid impeller, that results in maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption during use. ECblue, PMblue and Cpro ZAmid are trademarks of ZIEHL-ABEGG SE, and stand for Premium Efficiency, putting them in the most environmentally friendly class with the greatest energy-savings potential. The innovative technologies even now exceed the EU minimum efficiency threshold regulations which will come into effect in 2015. Cpro ZAmid Technology with the latest ZIEHL-ABEGG motor technology.  

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