DeltaTrak Introduces Four New Temperature Loggers

FlashLink VU Universal Produce Logger Imagine consolidating your logger inventory down to one model for all shipments. This is now possible with the new FlashLink VU Universal Produce Logger. Accepted by most receivers, it saves space, time, and money since you no longer need to stock various brands in the shipping office. The logger is mounted on a bright green shipping card to easily locate it and download data when a load arrives. It has a preconfigured high alarm limit of 41°F/5°C and low alarm limit of 33°F/0.5°C, a 60-minute delay start and alarm delay. FlashLink Prime Universal Produce Data Logger comes with an enhanced service package. This logger has all the features of the Universal Produce Logger, but includes priority, same-day shipping for orders received by noon (PST), with no additional cost for Fed Ex Ground service. It is mounted on a bright yellow locator card, making it easy for receivers to find when a load arrives. Free post-trip calibration reports are available upon request, to assist in resolving claims and disputes. Also included in this service package, is access to your trip reports 24/7 on ColdTrak Data Central cloud-based service, and void loggers replacement at no charge. FlashLink Cold Chain Export USB Data Logger is designed with export shipments in mind. Suppliers and receivers can download data at each stopping point along a shipping route in order to check temperature conditions - from packing sheds, to sea ports and airports. It is especially important to see temperature data when products are held at the dock waiting to be loaded on vessels, and when they are held at port of entry, waiting for custom inspections. The logger continues recording temperature after downloading, and can be put back on the shipment to track temperature until it reaches its final destination. Since it has a built-in USB connector, anyone can easily download data from anywhere in the world without needing to have special cradles, readers, or adapters. The FlashLink PDF Multi-Use Data Logger can be used for up to 60 trips, making it economical and practical for inter-company shipments, transfers, or deliveries. It is factory configured, so no software or PCs are needed to program the logger. Its built-in software and USB connector automatically download data at the receivers’ site, creating a secure PDF file with a unique identifier each time the logger is downloaded. A push-button resets and restarts the unit for each consecutive trip. Service is available for custom configuration of specific trip parameters, such as high and low alarm settings. Guaranteed Data, Easy to Download The Prime, the Universal Produce Logger, and the Cold Chain Export USB Logger have DeltaTrak’s patented Shadow Log feature which guarantees data even if a shipper forgets to start the unit, so trip history will always be available to verify products were transported under correct temperature conditions. The loggers download with free FlashPDF software, and reports are easily shared via email and archived for record keeping and traceability. Source: DeltaTrak

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