Eliwell launches innovative RTX DOMINO solution for refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms

Eliwell has just launched its innovative RTX DOMINO solution for refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms, designed to provide excellent overheating control in CO2 systems. This new range also proves effective in traditional systems thanks to the use of new alternative refrigerants with low GWP. RTX DOMINO is now compatible with the latest-generation HFO refrigerants such as R448a, R449a and R450a, which all boast a GWP value of less than 1500 to meet the requirements of the Kyoto protocol for remote cascade systems. The new HFO refrigerants are devised to replace the current R404a and R507a - which are available at an ever-rising cost and becoming more and more difficult to source - without having to make any changes to the system in use. The innovative DOMINO feature makes it possible to enhance the efficiency of the system without making it more complex with low-overheating evaporation control, achieving values of up to 4 K in CO2 systems.

Even in systems with traditional HFC refrigerants and with the new HFO refrigerants, the RTX DOMINO controller is capable of achieving extremely limited overheating values - up to 2.6 K - which makes it possible to raise the suction setpoint of the compressor rack, ensuring ultra-high efficiency without having to make any modifications whatsoever to the system.

The RTX DOMINO controller range is available in both the /V variant for PULSE valve control for application on refrigerated cabinets as well as in the /VS variant for STEPPER valves, which is perfect for controlling cold rooms.

To facilitate migration from HFCs to HFOs, the V800 drivers for evaporators with electronic pulse valves and the V910 drivers for cascade system exchangers with electronic stepper valves have also been upgraded, making them compatible with the new refrigerants.

Source: Eliwell
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