Embraco launches the NEX compressors platform

Date: 27 November 2020
Embraco launches the NEX compressors platform
Embraco, a global provider of refrigeration technology for the complete domestic and commercial cold chain, and part of the Nidec Global Appliance portfolio of brands, announces the launch in September of the NEX compressors platform, fourth generation after the NE, NEK and NEU families.

“It is a solution for food retail and, specially, food service, in applications such as display cases, ice makers, professional kitchen appliances, beverage coolers and blast chillers, for its robustness and reliability, which are recognized attributes of the Embraco brand”, explains Gilmar Pirovano, Business Senior Manager at Nidec Global Appliance, responsible for Embraco’s commercial products portfolio in the EMEA region.

One of the main gains of the NEX in comparison with the previous platforms is the increase in the platform maximum displacement from 18.7cc to 21cc, delivering a maximum cooling capacity of 1620W in MBP conditions. With such cooling capacity it can replace the NT platform in some applications, being 25 millimeters shorter. It also enables the addition of 10% in energy efficiency in LBP conditions, all combined with lower noise. The energy consumption reduction can reach up to 15%. 

“With this solution we aim to address the commercial refrigeration manufacturers’ necessity of offering energy savings, sustainability and regulations’ compliance to the end user. Also, the lower noise adds up a more comfortable buying experience to the list of benefits, which is very important from the food retailer point of view”, says Pirovano. 

The NEX is manufactured in Nidec Global Appliance’s production site in Slovakia. The compressor’s innovative features granted it, in October 2020, an innovation award given by the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), an organization established by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

X Generation compressors

In parallel to the NEX, which is in the midi category of compressors, Embraco is also launching in this second semester two new models of the NJX and four of the NTX, the other two platforms of the X Generation, both in the large category, and which are in the market since 2019. All three (NEX, NJX and NTX) work on natural refrigerant R290 (propane), thus being fully compliant with Europe’s F-gas regulations. In addition to that all three new platforms are market leaders in energy efficiency, making them fully compliant with the standards required by European legislation on Ecodesign and energy labels.

NTX for ice machines and multi deck reach ins

The NTX is the next generation of the NT series, developed to address the increasing demand for high energy efficiency and lower noise levels in large cooling capacity compressors for commercial refrigeration equipment. With a line up of models that is approved for higher refrigerant charge and still under PED category 1, NTX is developed for applications that demand robust cooling such as multideck reach ins and ice machines.

NJX for cold rooms

NJX is a new and extended generation of the NJ series, reaching up to 2 Hp on a single piston compressor. This product stands out for its high efficiency, low noise, robustness and reliability,  with a compact and competitive design, suitable for a full range of applications. This capacity extension up to 2 Hp is an improvement up to 50% in comparison to the current solutions available in the market and is the right solution for several commercial applications that need the extended cooling capacity, such as milk coolers, ice cream makers and cold rooms. It is available in R290 and low GWP transitory refrigerant options.

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