Embraco presents new condensing units of range "Sliding Units"

Embraco is expanding its range of “Sliding Unit” condensing solutions with several medium- and large-size models, making the unique easy-access concept applicable to installations that require a cooling capacity of up to 5 hp. The new, larger models feature larger valves (7/8", 5/8", 3/4", 1/2"), a six-circuit condenser and 500mm caliber fan, plus adjusted receivers and flexi hoses. In addition, the whole range has received a design upgrade including an assembled liquid line with filter drier and sight glass, assembled LP and HP pressostat, a compressor with cranckcase heater, and optimized access to the electrical connection. The Sliding Unit concept for outdoor applications gives technicians quick, easy access through a sliding drawer, significantly shortening the time needed for installation and maintenance. Its robust design allows for installation in areas with high ambient temperature and even high salt concentration in the air. Typical applications include, for example, small shops like bakeries, butcheries and delis, retail stores and service stations, restaurants and pubs, or bio-medical outlets. The range expansion underlines Embraco’s ambition to grow its share in the condensing unit segment especially in Europe, according to Anita Costamagna, Marketing Manager at Embraco Europe. “We have developed this concept based on intense discussions with installers. Over the past two years, it has helped us engage much more closely with distributors and service shops across markets. The great feedback led us to expand the range to also cater to larger applications.” embraco4 Source: Embraco
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