Embraco’s Product Selector Software new version

Date: 16 March 2023
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Embraco presents a new version of the Product Selector Software (PSS), a multilingual comprehensive online software with technical information about Embraco’s compressors and condensing units models. Available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, the PSS allows users to choose the best solution according to their local needs, offering all the necessary information for selecting the compressor or condensing unit that best suits their needs. 

The tool estimates the performance of the refrigeration equipment under the exact operating conditions of the compressor and therefore guides the engineer's choice as to which model is most suitable for the equipment. 

The main advantage of this new digital tool within PSS is that the engineers do not need to develop their own simulation for the compressor. 

Other features of the new PSS version are: 

  • It is not a downloadable program. It's just an online page, which makes it easier to use. 
  • Automation: all business rules are registered, and data transformation automated in the Nidec Global Appliance’s LakeHouse.
  • Monthly automatic and free-of-charge data updates, connected to different sources.
  • More product models available: new data architecture for a more robust software.
  • A modern and intuitive platform: product detail redesigned. 
  • The dark mode is also available.

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