Embraco updates its R290 condensing units portfolio for Europe

Date: 17 June 2024
Embraco updates its R290 condensing units portfolio for Europe
Embraco, a global provider of refrigeration technology for the complete residential and commercial cold chain and a Nidec Global Appliance brand, is updating the features of its R290 unhoused condensing units portfolio for the European region. The lineup, composed of solutions for applications in food retail, food service and merchandisers, will start to be offered with the new Embraco Air fans, launched at the beginning of the year.
Embraco Air is an electronically commutated motor fan (ECM), technology that can have a shaft power efficiency up to 70%, with the additional benefit of lower noise levels, flexibility, and higher reliability. It is available for single and multi-speeds and approved for an operating range from -40°C to 60°C. Other features are: compact design, the possibility to be fixed in different positions in the unit, allowing flexible assembly, and universal voltage.

Launched in 2022, the Embraco R290 unhoused condensing units portfolio has been designed for increased energy efficiency. One of its characteristics is the mini-channel condenser technology, which consists of thinner tubes that enhance the heat exchange while allowing the reduction of the refrigerant charge if compared to other technologies, key for the usage of R290. Together, the mini-channel technology and the R290 refrigerant make the lineup between 7% to 9% more energy efficient than the equivalent HFC range of condensing units, with the advantage that the R290 is a refrigerant that doesn’t damage the ozone layer and has a global warming potential close to zero. This lineup is also available with Embraco variable-speed compressors, which provide a wide voltage range, lower noise and vibrations, faster cooling, and energy efficiency gains of up to 42%, compared to fixed-speed models.

The portfolio complies with the European Commission’s F-Gas regulation that determines that hermetically sealed refrigeration systems containing HFCs with GWP of 150 or more are banned in refrigerators and freezers used for storage, display or distribution of products in retail and food service. For 2025, the same restrictions will cover other commercial refrigeration applications, such as ice machines, ice cream makers, milk coolers, water fountains, beer dispensers, and more.

Regarding the size, the models are compact, with heights going from 254 mm to 322,5 mm. The equivalent displacement options go from 4,5 cc to 38 cc, available for low-temperature and medium-temperature applications. The cooling capacity range covers from 0,4 to 2,8 kW on MBP (at -10°C) and 0,3 to 1 kW on LBP (at -35°C). The portfolio is available for the European, Middle Eastern, and African (EMEA) markets and is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as under-counters, blast chillers, cold rooms, and reach-ins.

To reduce complexity for customers, it comes in 4 pre-defined equipment levels to be chosen from, including the possibility of the EDP configuration for some models. EDP is the acronym for evaporative drain pan, which is a tray installed on the unit for managing the defrost water, with a submerged coil, using compressor heat to accelerate the water evaporation. It contributes to the system’s efficiency and avoids the necessity of a defrost drain.

Outdoor condensing unit for cold rooms

In addition to the unhoused models, Embraco’s condensing units portfolio for EMEA counts on the Bioma portfolio, a housed lineup developed with a focus on low noise and accessibility to components. It is an outdoor compact solution for cold rooms, especially in urban areas that require extra low noise levels, such as gas stations, restaurants, and convenience stores. It reaches up to 50% in noise reduction compared to equivalent models in the market, thanks to its robust metallic housing and other features for noise mitigation. Its triple doors give direct access to all components that might need to be changed or set up, reducing the time for maintenance and commissioning. It is fully equipped, with a liquid line, pressure switch, fan speed controller, and dressed E-Box, and can be wall mounted or stacked up to two units.

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