Emerson Climate Technologies in Final Stages of Updated Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit

Emerson Climate Technologies announced it is in the final stages of launching the latest update to its Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit (X-Line). Building on the X-Line’s industry-leading energy efficiency and application flexibility, the latest update will be available early summer and will include improved electronics and serviceability as well as additional refrigerant options. Updated X-Line 2.0 units will come standard with advanced CoreSense diagnostics and protection and will be able to operate in extreme environmental conditions, including high and low ambient temperatures as well as coastal regions. Updates will also include: Consolidation of multiple control boards and modules into a single, new electronics module CoreSense Diagnostics and CoreSense™ Protection with onboard error logging of up to 50 time-stamped alarm codes Two-way communication to allow remote diagnostics and management of system operation Removable hinged door Viewing window to allow quick visualization of status codes without opening any panels Medium-temperature units equipped with Copeland Scroll ZS*KA multi-refrigerant scroll compressors “The addition of multi-refrigerant scroll compressors in the medium-temperature units will allow them to operate using a broad range of refrigerants, such as R-404A, R-407C/A and R-134a,” said Ben Picker, Copeland™ product manager, Emerson Climate Technologies. “New options approved by the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy program like R-448A, R-449A and others will continue to be added as they become available.” The capability to operate many different refrigerants will also allow X-Line 2.0 units to be applied to both service replacements and new installations. The updated units, available for both cooler and freezer applications ranging in size from 1.5 HP to 6 HP, will be produced in Sidney, Ohio. This move will help better adapt to the regional requirements of North American customers, including product options and customer lead times.   Source: Emerson Climate Technologies
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