ENGIE Refrigeration develops the most efficient water-cooled chiller series

Date: 29 June 2021
ENGIE Refrigeration develops the most efficient water-cooled chiller series
ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH has redesigned its water-cooled QUANTUM chillers and now offers the series in a total of 47 versions with a performance range from 200 kilowatts to four megawatts. 

As Jochen Hornung, CEO of ENGIE Refrigeration, says: ‘We at ENGIE Refrigeration have always aimed to offer our customers the highest-quality, most efficient and most sustainable chillers. With the QUANTUM Water series we have once again achieved this goal; our models currently represent the most efficient water-cooled chiller series in the world. We are proud of this fact, and are further consolidating our pioneering role on the international refrigeration market.’

The team at ENGIE Refrigeration relied on new components and an innovative control concept. They also deployed ultramodern inner tube technology, which ensures an excellent heat transfer performance and an especially high level of efficiency with a low input of materials. In addition, the QUANTUM Water series is currently the only model series on the market with an open-flash economizer integrated as standard in all 47 versions, which also helps improve performance and efficiency. Moreover, operating companies benefit from control system options that are now even smarter: the refrigeration and heat experts at ENGIE Refrigeration have adapted the tried-and-tested regulation strategy from the QUANTUM Water series to the water-cooled series and deployed the latest Siemens PLC in control cabinets ‘made in Germany’. As a result, QUANTUM Water chillers achieve even greater efficiency than their predecessor models, especially under partial load – a key advantage for customers.

As the world’s first water-cooled chiller series, the QUANTUM Water offers groundbreaking digital features. With the new ‘smart control’, a smart user interface (web-based visualisation) replaces the touch panel that was previously integrated in a fixed position on the machine, allowing the chiller to be controlled using a tablet and a Wi-Fi connection, for example. This improves ease of use for operating companies while also simplifying maintenance and servicing by the ENGIE experts. Furthermore, customers can now choose between four different refrigerants – R-515B, R-134a, R-513A and R-1234ze – and all machines require less refrigerant than the predecessor series. For the first time, the QUANTUM Water can be ordered with special housing to provide maximum safety in the unlikely event of an accident occurring in a machine operated with the A2L refrigerant R-1234ze. Customers who lack a large machine room but would nevertheless like to use future-proof high-end technology in their refrigeration supply can thus set up the new QUANTUM Water outdoors – a hitherto unheard-of option on the refrigeration market.

The QUANTUM Water is available in 47 model versions with a smart modular principle and a performance range from 200 kilowatts to four megawatts. Jochen Hornung summarises the many innovations and special benefits of the QUANTUM Water: ‘With its specific properties, our QUANTUM Water is perfect for use in a variety of industries, from automotive manufacturing and data centres to building services. We guarantee that every customer will benefit from the most efficient machine for their specific application while significantly reducing their carbon footprint – all in line with ENGIE’s mission of “zero carbon transition as a service”.’ The new QUANTUM Water replaces the previous water-cooled series QUANTUM W, QUANTUM B, QUANTUM X and QUANTUM G from ENGIE Refrigeration; the QUANTUM Power will remain available as a customer-specific solution for even higher performance ranges up to 8.5 megawatts. As its next step, ENGIE Refrigeration will also overhaul its SPECTRUM chillers and heat pumps.
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