Expansion valves Danfoss ETS Colibri

The revolutionary ETS Colibri electric expansion valve is engineered to give you maximum flexibility and dependability in your cooling systems. It's unique compact design and quick reaction time make it an ideal choice for the next generation of cooling equipment. The cooling industry is moving forward. As technology continues to evolve and new regulations (such as F-Gas and SNAP) are put into place, innovative solutions are needed to help refrigeration and air conditioning professionals keep pace. Older, mechanical expansion valves can't provide the level of precision that's required to meet today's cooling demands, resulting in wasted energy, poor system output, and higher operational costs. The Danfoss ETS Colibri electric expansion valve is an ideal solution for use in current and next generation air-conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration systems. As an essential part of an electronically controlled cooling system (that includes a variable speed compressor, electronic controls, and pressure and temperature sensors), the ETS Colibri® valve can immediately react to changing conditions. It closes in less than 3.75 seconds, helping to create a stable and reliable cooling environment, increase efficiency, and save on energy costs. The Danfoss ETS Colibri electric expansion valve also features a unique design that delivers a number of valuable benefits:
  • Compact: easy to fit anywhere in your cooling system
  • Lightweight body: requires no additional support to avoid tubing cracks caused by vibration
  • In-line design: flexible enough to be installed on almost any plane
  • Hermetic: strong internal components and fewer leak points result in reduced refrigerant loss potential and fewer service calls
Are you ready to bring your cooling system into the future? Get started now with the ETS Colibri electric expansion valve.
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