FREOR created new optimized dimensions freezer island – LEDA COMPACT

Date: 10 September 2019
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When the trade areas are smaller, stores owners still want to reach the impression of the spacious layout and provide to their customers the best shopping experience. Considering that, FREOR created new, optimized dimensions freezer island – LEDA COMPACT.

This reduced size, yet spacious freezer island operates on natural refrigerant propane in Hydroloop system. It has panoramic glass walls to lighten the design and ensure high visibility of products. The push glass lids, electronically commutated fans, led lighting facilities work for the energy-efficiency.

LEDA COMPACT is a reduced size yet spacious freezer island, specially designed for smaller shopping spaces. Optimized dimensions LEDA COMPACT R290 operates with natural refrigerant propane in a semi plug-in mode, connected to a glycol-cooled system Hydroloop, and is an excellent green choice for stores with limited trade area.  Thanks to panoramic glass walls of this freezer island, the frozen merchandise can be seen at a glance. With push glass lids for reduced energy consumption.


  • Wide choice of colors for the exterior and interior (RAL pallet)
  • Frontal bumper
  • Protection against glass fogging
  • Defrost heater
  • Energy saving electronically commutated fans
  • Bimetallic thermometer
  • Polyurethane thermal insulation CFC free.


  • Wire dividers
  • Horizontal grid
  • Pricing rail
  • Manual night blinds.


  • Interior LED lighting
  • Panoramic endwalls
  • Stainless steel bottom protection
  • Glass covers (push or slide).

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