Fujitsu General will add five models of inverter air conditioner for India


<p class="component-lead indent-1em">Fujitsu General will add five models of inverter air conditioner conforming to the new energy saving standards for the air conditioner market in India from late February to strengthen our product lineup to a total of 25 models.</p>
<p class="component-lead indent-1em">It is estimated that the room air conditioner market in India is at 4.28 million units (FY2016; source: The Japan Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association). India’s population is also expected to increase and its economy is expected to grow in the future. Therefore, it is predicted that India will grow into the third largest market in the world in the new future. Meanwhile, energy saving standards and an energy labeling program were revised and have been enforced since January 2018.As a result, it is expected that the demand for inverter air conditioners will expand even further in the future.</p>
<p class="component-lead indent-1em">Under these circumstances, Fujitsu General has developed five highly energy efficient models (ASGG12/14CGTA and ASGG/14/18/24/CLCA) of inverter air conditioner conforming to the new energy saving standards to strengthen our product lineup.</p>
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<p class="component-lead indent-1em">In particular, we have achieved the highest rank of 5 in the new energy labeling program for our top of the line models (ASGG12/14CGTA) by adopting the large aperture of indoor unit fan and a highly efficient inverter.</p>
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<p class="component-lead indent-1em">We have also given consideration for the global environment with the reduction of the global warming potential in addition to improvement of the energy saving performance by adopting R32 for the refrigerant in all the five models we have developed this time. In addition to this, we have also employed specifications with increased reliability in response to the local power situation and climate.</p>
<p class="component-lead indent-1em">Fujitsu General is aiming to expand our business in the air conditioner market in India by strengthening our product lineup with a focus on energy saving performance on the occasion of the tightening of energy saving regulations this time.</p>

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