Funky Next of Costan for the cross-selling of fresh products

Date: 13 April 2020

Costan revolutionises cross-selling strategies with Funky Next, the vertical plug-in for fresh pre-packaged products, part of the SlimFit .  With aesthetics aligned with the rest of the range, the new solution stands out with an incredible depth of just 500 mm and a height of 2035 mm, designed specifically for the purpose of integration between dry product shelving.

Characterised by a double door and available in two colours (white or black), Funky Next is ideal to offer original possibilities for promoting the products on display, increasing the opportunities for impulse-buying of complementary fresh products, such as free from or PET Food, inside the respective dry product aisles in small surfaces, minimarkets and convenience stores.

A concentrate of sustainability: Funky Next uses Propane R290 as a natural ecological refrigerant and boasts LED lighting and high efficiency fans to guarantee a further reduction in energy consumption. Finally, it stands out for its ease of installation and maintenance, the latter is ensured by the “maintenance free” condenser.