Gaslab Inc. Launches RAD-0002-ZR Oxygen Deficiency Alarm for Low Temperatures

Date: 13 April 2022
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Gaslab Inc., has released the new RAD-0002-ZR Oxygen Deficiency Alarm designed to measure potentially dangerous oxygen levels in low temperature applications.

The GasLab RAD-0002-ZR Oxygen Deficiency Monitor provides cryogenic facilities, laboratories, food packagers, and warehousing industries with low temperature freezers the ability to monitor potentially hazardous oxygen levels in conditions down to -50°C. 

Monitoring extremely low temperatures is not the only new feature that the GasLab RAD-0002-ZR brings to the market. It's zirconium oxide sensor ensures greater longevity under normal operating conditions extending the useful life of the device. The monitor also includes a fails safe relay, user configurable alarm settings, and a 4-20mA analog output to view the devices measurements in your Building Management System or security system. 

Additionally, each GasLab RAD-0002-ZR includes both audible and visual alarm indicators, allowing the end user to be instantly notified before they enter an oxygen deficient environment. In the event of a potential hazard, the monitor will set off its audible and visual alarms, as well as triggering an automatic shut-off valve or an alert to the fire control panel to make an automatic call to the fire department.

Each GasLab RAD-0002-ZR has an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays the current oxygen levels for an immediate, at-a-glance reading of the concentrations. This gives employees peace of mind with the monitor's presence and ease of readability.

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