GEA Compressors increase top speeds – More kilowatts per euro

Date: 14 October 2020
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GEA increase the maximum top speeds for several of its reciprocating and screw compressors. The reciprocating compressor models GEA Grasso V 700, V 1100, V 1400, and V 1800, formerly at maximum speed of 1,200 rpm, can now be operated with NH3 up to 1,500 rpm. For GEA Grasso LT screw compressor types R, S, and T the allowable speed for NH3 will increase from previous maximum 3,600 rpm to 4,500 rpm

Diligent long-time tests return fantastic results

The respective compressor models, like their smaller sized counterparts, are and have been designed for higher speeds in the first place. GEA Grasso V 700, V 100, as well as GEA Grasso LT type R are integrated in GEA`s Blu chiller series and have been running successfully at 1500 rpm and 4500 rpm respectively for ten years already. Additionally, intensive, long-term tests of all models have shown that they can be operated at 1500 rpm and 4500 rpm respectively at the same reliability and without additional engineering or maintenance efforts. The release of the new maximum speeds therefor applies to bare compressors and to packaged compressor unit, too.

25% more capacity

The speed increase provides clients with a significant increase in capacity. Because of the proportional correlation of compressor speed, swept volume and resulting capacity, 25% more capacity can now be gained using the same models with the same financial outlay. That returns a significant improvement (reduction) of the relative price as in Kilowatts per Euro, because the additional investment required is in the single-digit range.
Looking at this from a different angle, users with a specific, fixed capacity requirement can benefit from the higher speeds by allowing them to achieve the capacity demands with smaller compressor equipment meaning less investment and less service expenses.

Less TCO and more efficiency for a sustainable future

Higher speeds, without more frequent service intervals, enables GEA customers the use of smaller compressors and the reduction of total costs of ownership. Screw compressors, in addition can be regulated better in a wider speed range returning improved part-load efficiencies. Another contribution to lower TCO and less CO2 emissions. GEA equipment yet again renders an integral part to future-proof refrigeration plants.

Smaller footprint and less initial costs for a sustainable future

Higher speeds enable GEA customers the use of smaller compressors and a reduction of initial investment cost. On multiple stack orders customers can save up to 20% on footprint, construction, piping & electrical arrangement costs. GEA equipment yet again renders an integral part to future-proof refrigeration plants.

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