Heat recovery system

It's hard to imagine the world of modern man without electricity, water, heating and air conditioning. The cost of energy has increased steadily, and more acutely the question arises to use them effectively. Technology utilization of thermal energy are increasingly at vary on different objects: from industrial production to Public Service. This is due to scarcity and high cost of primary energy. Cooling systems of buildings, such as supermarkets or large hladotsentrov, spend a lot of energy to produce cold. However, they also produce a significant amount of heat. This thermal energy is formed during the condensation of the gaseous refrigerant. In conventional refrigeration systems it is given to the surrounding air by means of condensing units and not in use.   Specialists of "MONI" managed to solve the problem of the efficient use of the thermal energy. We managed to create an exclusive and patented heat recovery system (ITS). The goal of the system was to provide 100% heat recovery for heating and hot water released during condensation of refrigerant vapor into the room without negative consequences for the operating modes of refrigeration equipment. Today in Russia there are no analogues in the price, performance, versatility and ease of use. In addition, TCB times cheaper than existing counterparts. It is important to note that the installation of CF is very simple and it can realize any contractor responsible for the installation of refrigeration equipment. More than half of montages TCB occurred on the job sites and takes no more than 5-10 days. Arguments in favor of the system The system is available for the price! Its cost relative to other solutions in the two to three times lower, given that it is completely independent - its contours, its heat exchangers, its automatic. For the average store with 7-11 units of refrigeration equipment estimated value of "turnkey" is 400-600 thousand. Rubles., And payback will be 1.5-2.5 years. Installation TCB can afford almost any store or other owner of the refrigeration equipment. Efficiency. The system allows you to take the maximum amount of heat, limited only by capacity compressors. If the performance of fan coils enough in the room will do 100% of the heat of condensation. Regarding other recovery systems efficiency is increased more than twofold. Ability to work with any refrigerant (R22, R404A, R407C, R134a and so on. Etc..) Achieved adjusting pressure and direct readout of heat. Versatility. The system can be easily deployed on virtually any refrigeration machines running on freon: low temperature, medium temperature, air conditioners, chillers, and so on. D. Performance limitations not. Together with heating can be heated any medium, eg hot water. Heat recovery system (ITS) is the ideal solution for trading platforms with external cold. Most of the customers after the introduction of CF disclaims central heating. Cold start. Proper construction of the system, setting up automation and controls allow to exclude occurrence of refrigerant in the condenser and other heat exchangers in the discharge line. Ease of use and management. The work of the heating system does not depend on the number of operating or idle fan coil units, each fan coil can be adjusted to your own temperature. COMPANY MONI Tomsk, ul. Yenisei, 34 +7 (382) 222-54-37 +7 (382) 222-54-35 www.moni.ru

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