Heatcraft Announces Addition of Low Temperature Models to Screw Compressor Condensing Unit Product Line


Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration announces the release of their newest addition to their condensing unit product line, a low temperature screw compressor condensing unit. As a complement to the existing medium and high temperature options, the new low temperature addition fits well within the company’s goal of providing the commercial and industrial refrigeration market with a comprehensive offering for large cooling applications.

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Heatcraft Director of Cold Storage Sales, Grady McAdams, worked closely with the development team to communicate the need for a high-capacity condensing unit for low temperature applications in the cold storage market.
“At Heatcraft, we believe that today’s innovation becomes the standard for tomorrow. Our customers asked for high-capacity performance and solid reliability of the equipment they invest in, and the low temperature screw compressor condensing units deliver on both fronts,” stated McAdams. “We set out to exceed our customers’ needs from day one, meeting the challenge of building a more robust unit, while lowering installation costs. Our customers drive what we do here, and as Heatcraft further expands into the Cold Storage refrigeration market, their ability to succeed always comes first.”
The low temperature screw compressor condensing unit can be paired with Heatcraft’s current line of industrial unit coolers. These pairings will provide optimized split-system refrigeration for large, low temperature applications. The hallmark of the new low temperature unit is its robust construction, providing maximum reliability over the life of the unit. The higher-capacity single unit can replace the need for multiple condensing units for the same application, resulting in lower installation and maintenance costs. Additionally, standard components, such as screw compressors, welded frame, floating tube coils and a dedicated oil cooler provide robust, reliable performance.
“This is the next step in expanding our product line to provide a complete range of products to solve our customers’ various needs,” stated Raleigh Thompson, Product Manager, Cold Storage. “Low temperature screw compressor condensing units by comparison, offer substantial installation savings per horsepower over their alternatives for freezer applications. Now our customers can come to Heatcraft knowing that we have the capability to custom engineer units for low, medium and high temperature applications.”

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