Kaltra adds R32 version of Compact DX precision cooling units

Date: 09 September 2021
Kaltra adds R32 version of Compact DX precision cooling units
Kaltra extended its Compact DX series of precision cooling units with models running on refrigerant R32. This new offering targeted telecom and IT environment cooling applications: where close temperature control and high sensible cooling are a must.

The package comprises an indoor unit with EC-motor fans and a high-performance heat exchanger and a compact and quiet outdoor condensing unit equipped with R32 inverter-driven compressors. Standard features also include electronic expansion valves (EEVs) and coils with enhanced corrosion protection (e-coating).

Cooling duty ranges from 5 to 25kW for slim footprint models and up to 45kW for full-size indoor units. Indoor close control units are available in downflow and upflow configurations for maximum application flexibility, with optional electrical heaters and steam humidifiers, redundancy accessories, including dual power supply, and a set of air plenums in different layouts.

Contemporary HVAC technologies enable efficiency rates for R32-driven Compact DX units of as high as 4.67 at 27°C, 45%rH conditions.
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