Kaltra raises the bar for industrial dry coolers

Date: 21 September 2020
 Kaltra raises the bar for industrial dry coolers

Kaltra has extended its range of high-capacity dry coolers with Mistral series units in a V-shaped configuration, up to 2000kW in the air-cooled version and as high as up to 3000kW with the adiabatic: a total of about 500 models.

While differing in the range of applications, new Mistral dry coolers are built around finned tube heat exchangers with improved heat transfer performance. Inner-grooved copper tubes of a small diameter contribute to a cooling density of 75kW/m² and higher. At the same time, airside fins with unique profiles create a low pressure drop, enabling lower fan energy use and maintain moderate noise levels.

For sensitive applications, Kaltra made available heat exchangers with stainless steel pipes and a selection of fin materials: aluminum, aluminum-magnesium alloys, and copper.

Mistral dry coolers have been developed for cooling applications in the oil&gas, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, and food processing industries. Corrosion-resistant, robust, and easily serviceable design contributes to long operating life even in harsh environmental conditions.

Customers can choose from AC- or EC-driven fans, single or multiple fluid circuit configuration, and various anti-corrosion treatments for cooling coils. Numerous options allow further tailoring of Mistral dry coolers to user needs.

Adiabatic version

Dry coolers can be equipped with an adiabatic pre-cooling system based on non-organic evaporative pads made from aluminum, making Mistral units a legionella-free solution. Pre-cooling system can be fed by tap water and allow water recirculation by optional pumping and water treatment unit.

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