KAORI Launches Advanced Liquid Cooling System

Date: 31 May 2024
KAORI Launches Advanced Liquid Cooling System
In response to the growing demand for low-power cooling solutions in data centers, KAORI will be showcasing its latest advanced liquid cooling systems at Computex 2024. These innovations meet the demanding computing demands of artificial intelligence and cooling technologies, offering efficient and sustainable solutions for modern data centers.

Featured Liquid Cooling Systems

  • In-Row (L/L) 800kW CDU (Coolant Distribution Units) Large-Scale Liquid Cooling System
  • Rack Manifolds
  • 30kW RPU+RDHx Liquid Cooling System
  • In-Rack 80kW Liquid Cooling System
  • 25U90kW Advanced Single-Phase Immersion Liquid Cooling System
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for Liquid Cooling System

Among these, the In-Row 800kW CDU large-scale liquid cooling system stands out, boasting a heat dissipation capacity exceeding 800 kW. It features a single liquid pump with a delivery pressure over 4 bar and a total flow rate exceeding 800 LPM, making it suitable for various fluid applications.

Company Background and Expertise

Founded in 1970, KAORI has been actively focusing on server liquid cooling technology since 2016. The company was a pioneer in completing verification with international server manufacturers and successfully shipped immersion liquid cooling systems to renowned hyperscale data centers in 2018.

Key Technologies

KAORI is demonstrating two key technologies that address the cooling needs of AI servers:

  • Large-Scale High-Power Cabinet-Type Liquid Cooling System: This system's core technology is derived from KAORI's self-made brazed plate heat exchanger, a crucial component of the liquid cooling system. It offers highly flexible, customized designs to meet specific cooling requirements and has the capability to develop MW and above power cooling technologies.

  • Coolant Distribution Manifolds (CDM): KAORI is the largest mass-produced vacuum brazing manufacturer in Asia, with more than 20 vacuum brazing furnace production units. The high-power CDM manufacturing process surpasses traditional labor-intensive laser welding and argon welding methods, meeting the rapid mass production needs of the water cooling market and providing superior metal welding quality.

KAORI's innovations in liquid cooling technology demonstrate their commitment to providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable cooling solutions for the data center industry. The company's expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities ensure that they remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the field.

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