Kelvion has expanded its industrial air cooler range

Date: 24 November 2021
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Kelvion has expanded its industrial air cooler range to provide customers with fast and flexible options.

The GS/GB and CS/CB cubic air coolers have been developed to match the latest market requirements. They are ideally suited to a range of refrigeration applications, including cold storages areas for food and leisure facilities, such as artificial ski slopes.

Fast delivery is guaranteed with the GS/GB model for those working to tight time schedules, with more than 750 defined options for the most common uses. For customers wanting a bespoke solution, the CS/CB cooler has the flexibility to be configured in over 8,000 different ways for the most demanding refrigeration tasks. Bespoke design features included in the list of options are UV-C lights to reduce airborne particles such as viruses, bacteria and germs.

This new cool line-up builds on Kelvion’s track record in refrigeration know-how and offers optimized coil designs and the latest premium brand fans, based on a proven concept. The coolers operate as blow through and draw through, have a CO2 operating pressure of up to 60 bar and provide optimum energy efficiency.

Both versions are suitable for synthetic and natural refrigerants and for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C. The GS/GB model has a capacity range from 6.5 kW to 121 kW (HFC, SC2), while the CS/CB version, with stainless steel tubes, offers a range from 6.4kW to 184kW.

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