KPS Global Introducing FUSIONFRAME

Date: 29 May 2019
KPS Global Introducing FUSIONFRAME
The patented cold storage panel system from KPS Global offers the Best of Both Worlds by integrating the structural benefits of wood with the high-performing insulative properties of foam, drastically enhancing the thermal performance and energy savings of cold storage units.

KPS Global has released a new insulated panel frame system offering more than four times the R-value, 29.30 vs. 6.25, and comparable structural performance to traditional wood-frame systems in span tests. The design of the patented FUSIONFRAME provides energy savings and extends the life-cycle for walk-in coolers and freezers by eliminating thermal bridging and limiting heat gain, condensation development and panel joint icing. The new system is one of many products KPS Global has in the pipeline to support their drive to innovate in an industry that hasn’t seen change in over 30 years.

“FUSIONFRAME provides the best of both worlds for grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, big-box retailers, warehousing and cold storage operations by combining the structural benefits of wood with the insulative properties of foam, they never have to compromise performance for structural integrity.” said Mike Eakins, CEO, KPS Global.

In tests of a 5-inch FUSIONFRAME insulated panel against a 5-inch woodframe panel, the new system reduced heat gain through the freezer envelope by 50% and performed comparably in span tests. FUSIONFRAME also eliminates thermal bridging found in traditional wood framing. Providing both a significant improvement in energy efficiency and structural integrity, this system is a cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution.

“A reduced carbon footprint is another benefit,” James Costanza, Technical Fellow, KPS Global. “Environmental considerations are important for all of our customers, whether they are regional or national chain operators or only have one location.”

The patented FUSIONFRAME system is available from five strategically located facilities across the United States. Each order is custom-built to project-specific specifications.

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