KV – Large Outdoor Air-Cooled Condensing Units

Date: 28 November 2019
KV – Large Outdoor Air-Cooled Condensing Units

KV Large Outdoor Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Overview

Featuring single or dual compressor(s) and a vertical discharge air-cooled condenser, KV line of large outdoor air-cooled condensing units are suitable for large walk-in coolers and freezers, blast freezers, warehouse applications and air-conditioned spaces where roof mounted condensers are most practical.

Model Applications and Specifications

KeepRite Refrigeration’s large outdoor air-cooled condensing units are ideal for high, medium and low temperature applications. Using high efficiency compressors and utilizing the THERMOSPAN condenser core design, the unit meets all application needs from 15 to 100 HP (high/medium temperature) and 10 to 80 HP (low temperature).

The packaged refrigeration system is cULus approved and, like most of condensing units, compatible with Low GWP Refrigerants and designed for use with various popular refrigerants. Nominal capacities range from 10 to 100 tons for high, medium and low temperature applications and comes with several energy efficient compressors to choose from, including Copeland Discus and Bitzer reciprocating, with POE and mineral oil.

Product Features

With a generously sized condenser that allows the unit to operate at higher than normal ambient conditions, KV high outdoor air-cooled condensing unit comes with an abundance of product features including a subcooling circuit to increase overall system efficiency while providing dependable compressor operation.

Utilizing pre-formed internal piping to eliminate welded joints and reduce chances of a leak, the units come with a specially designed, thermally protected and permanently lubricated ball bearing condenser fan motor(s).

Finally, the unit’s electrical components are housed in a spacious and conveniently located panel and in case of a compressor trip, a lock-out relay de-energizes the liquid line solenoid valve. The end compartment panels allow unrestricted access to service the compressor(s) and all other components, while the SPDT contact is provided for field wired alarm circuit.

Additional Options

Much like the product features on this condensing unit, the additional options available are just as numerous including Limitrol+ Head Pressure Control System and Shafted EC Motors. Not to mention insulated suction lines, Crankcase Pressure Regulating valve, compressor capacity control, oil separator, suction line vibration eliminator, defrost heater and evaporator fan contractors with fuse block, voltage/phase monitors and so much more.

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