LG Component Solutions USA Unveils Revolutionary R1 Variable-Speed Compressor

Date: 11 February 2020
LG Component Solutions USA Unveils Revolutionary R1 Variable-Speed Compressor
LG Component Solutions USA Unveils Revolutionary R1 Variable-Speed Compressor
“The LG R1 variable speed compressor combines LG’s dedication to high-precision performance and energy-saving technology, providing OEMs and their customers with a durable, cost-efficient solution designed to meet the needs of most residential or light commercial applications,” said Minhee Jang, Director of Engineering and Quality, LG Component Solutions USA.

Introduced at the 2020 AHR Expo, the compressor features improvements influenced by feedback from OEMs and leading service technicians looking for advanced performance and reliability. The R1 compressor will be launching exclusively with a distinguished manufacturer in late spring.

The R1 compressor, jointly designed by the LG Component Solutions Engineering and Quality center in Farmers Branch, Texas, and LG’s R&D Center in South Korea, is engineered for smooth, energy-efficient operation in residential and light commercial applications such as single-family homes, apartments and multi-family residential units. It has evolved from LG’s traditional scroll compressor and rotary compressor, providing efficiency improvements including a hybrid scroll wrap and a mid-bearing scroll assembly that reduces tilting movement thereby reducing energy use.

Suited for a wide variety of demanding environments, the R1 family of compressors (from 2- to 5-ton models) offers temperature and humidity control across and can be paired with VFDs from various OEMs and LG. The compressors provide longer run cycles, which allows opportunity for improved air quality. The simplified structure also provides a shorter oil path to the upper bearing surface, decreasing the likelihood of oil loss. 

Designed specifically for the North American residential market, the compressor has a wide operation range of 10-150HZ, offering a 15:1 turn-down ratio.  With LG’s ultra-high mechanical efficiency, it features an overload protector that prevents damage in abnormal conditions, copper stubs for easy brazing, and precision-calibrated bypass valves that facilitate a smoother, easier start-up by relieving pressure and protecting against over-compression.
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