MEHICS presents the new water source chillers FX-W-G05

Date: 07 November 2018
Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. through its brand Climaveneta, presents the new FX-W-G05: water source chillers with screw compressors, optimized for R513A refrigerant.

Available from 124 to 399 kW, the FX-W-G05 range is brilliantly engineered to be at the forefrontof green innovation in comfort cooling applications, providing customers top-level efficiency for the most advanced projects.

All-round sustainability

Increasing concerns about the global warming impact of chillersand heat pumps is driving new regulatory policies to push towardseven more efficient units with the lowest carbon footprint.

Today, an all-round approach is the only way to effectivelyreduce the Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI).

To combine brilliant annual efficiency with the use of a low GWP refrigerant, Mitsubishi Electric designed FX-W-G05, theClimaveneta branded complete chiller range with reduced environmental impact, optimized forR513A, a low GWP and non-flammable green refrigerant.FX-W-G05 tackles both theindirect (due to primary energy consumption) and the direct global warming, thus resulting in the perfectchoice for any new, forward-looking cooling system.

Advanced technologiesand high efficiency

The FX-W-G05 range has been designed to provide utmost efficiency at both full and partial loads, andall FX-W-G05 units are compliant with the latest ErP 2021 efficiency targets.

To reach the highest efficiency levels the green R513A refrigeranthas been smartly combined with advanced technologies such as: compact screw compressorsoptimized for low pressure ratioapplications; the electronic expansion valvemanaged by proprietary dedicated logics,to guarantee preciseflow and temperature control; the shell-and-tube condenser with2 (as standard) or 4 (as an option) passes to provide the bestflexibility for various types of cooling water sources;the dry expansion shell-and-tube evaporatorfully developed by Mitsubishi ElectricHydronics & IT Cooling Systems. A whole range of accessories and equipment brings a high degree of configurability, making FX-W-G05 the right choice for any advanced comfort application.

As an option, FX-W-G05 can be equipped with the VPF control(Variable Primary Flow system), whichadjusts the pump speed on the basis of the plant’s thermalload and dynamically optimizes the unit’s thermoregulationfor variable flow operation. This system ensures both thehighest pump energy savings and stable chiller operation.

Energy saving and heat recovery

The FX-W-G05 can be selected withpartial or total heat recovery delivering hot water up to 60°C and 48°C, respectively. These configurations offer the opportunity to recoverheat when there is a simultaneous need for chilled and hotwater for DHW production or other secondary uses, such as the integration of an existing boiler or the air treatment in applications with AHUs.

Advanced W3000TE control and user-friendly interface

The W3000TEcontrol, characterized by advanced functions and internally developed algorithms, manages the unit’s operation to ensure faster responses to different dynamics, in all operating modesand perform diagnostic functionsat the same time.

In addition, the innovative KIPlinkinterface,can be requested as an option to replace the traditional keyboard on the unit, allowing the user to manage the unit in an easy and effective wayfrom mobile a device (smartphone, tablet, notebook) via Wi-Fi technology.The real-time graphs and component monitoring ease on-site operation while the detailed data logging improves diagnostics.
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