MEHITS introducing new water cooled chillers and heat pumps

Date: 20 October 2021
MEHITS introducing new water cooled chillers and heat pumps
i-FX2-W-G04-Y is the new water source range of chillers and heat pumps specifically developed for process applications with variable-speed screw compressors and HFO R1234ze refrigerant, covering a capacity range from 400 to 1244 kW. The range consists of two families: i-FX2-W-G04-Y, cooling only chillers and i-FX2-W-G04-Y/H, reversible heat pumps on the hydraulic side. The complete range is Eurovent certified, and, thanks to the leading inverter technology, all the sizes far exceed the SEPR HT minimum seasonal efficiency limit of 2021 imposed by EcoDesign Directive.

i-FX2-W-G04-Y units are characterized by a wide operating range, working at full loads up to 52°C of condenser leaving water temperature as standard. The operating limits can be improved thanks to the HWT kit, with this option, the unit can reach a condenser leaving water temperature up to 72°C at full loads, making it suitable for high temperature heat pump applications, or for heat recovery applications. Moreover, operating limits can be further improved thanks to the LT kit, with this option, the unit can reach an evaporator leaving water temperature down to -8°C at full loads, making it suitable for low/medium brine applications.

The structure of the new units has been designed expressly with the acoustical enclosures in mind. These enclosures are able to significantly reduce the sound power level. They are available in 2 versions: compressors’ acoustical enclosure for a noise reduction up to -6 dB(A) and integral acoustical enclosure that grants a best-in class noise level of -16 dB(A). 

The new range has variable speed, Variable Vi dual rotor screw compressors with integrated and compact frequency converter, refrigerant cooled, for outstanding seasonal efficiency and wide capacity regulation, with two independent refrigerant circuits across all the capacity range, for the best reliability and maintenance easiness. Completely new, patent-pending, HYBRID FALLING-FILM evaporator combines brilliant efficiencies and reduced refrigerant charge (down to -50% refrigerant charge reduction compared to traditional flooded evaporators). New shell & tube condensers, fully developed and manufactured by MEHITS, are designed for the minimum pressure drops, both in the water and refrigerant sides, ensuring complete reliability and application flexibility. Finally, the unit is available with KIPlink Wi-Fi user interface, with integrated local and remote monitoring functions.
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