MHI Thermal Systems to Launch 31 Models of Residential-use Air-Conditioners for the Japanese Market in 2024

Date: 21 March 2024
MHI Thermal Systems to Launch 31 Models of Residential-use Air-Conditioners for the Japanese Market in 2024

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd., a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, will launch 31 new models of residential-use air-conditioners for the Japanese market for 2024. The new models in five series will be released starting April 1. The 2024 lineup comprises nine models in the Company's top-of-the-line S Series, featuring outstanding energy efficiency, functions for comfort and cleanliness, and a high Annual Performance Factor (APF), four models in the SK Series with enhanced heating capacity for use in cold regions, six models in the high-performance R Series incorporating an automatic filter cleaning function, seven models in the standard T Series, and five models in the TWF Series of T Series models with smartphone control functionality included as standard. Together these new models provide comfortable living spaces for diverse lifestyles.

Features of the New Models

  • Two types of sensors, and functions using ions and ozone provide comfort and cleanliness (S Series / SK Series)

1. A comfortable environment provided by two types of sensors (motion and thermal sensors)
The incorporation of a motion sensor to detect the movement of people, and a thermal sensor to detect the location of people and changes in the temperature of walls and floors, allows for an "AI Automatic Comfort" operating mode in which AI utilizes information from the sensors to automatically optimize comfort and energy efficiency, as well as a new "Sensor-Guided Airflow" and "Breeze Direction" operating mode to automatically adjust the direction of the airflow.

AI Automatic Comfort Mode
An AI system monitors people and the interior of the room using two types of sensors, and automatically controls the temperature. In addition, the AI learns how the room cools and warms, and adjusts automatically for comfortable and energy-saving operation.

New Sensor-Guided Airflow
Two types of sensors are used to monitor the activity of the room occupants and the temperature of the walls and floors, and control the direction of the airflow.

2. A clean environment provided by functions using ions and ozone

The cleanliness of the indoor unit has been enhanced with such features as a "Refreshing Ion Mode" that releases negative ions to inhibit the proliferation of viruses, bacteria, and mold, an "Aqua Ozone Mode" that floods the indoor unit with ions and ozone to inhibit the growth of odor and dirt-causing bacteria, and a "Aqua Ozone Heating Mode" that uses heated-air drying to inhibit the growth of mold bacteria.

Refreshing Ion Mode
These units have an ionizer module able to efficiently generate ions at high voltage. The release of ions during operation acts to inhibit viruses, bacteria, and mold, cleaning the air in the room.

Aqua Ozone Mode / Aqua Ozone Heating Mode
The inside of the air-conditioner is filled with ozone and ions to suppress bacteria that cause odors and dirt. Drying the unit thoroughly in fan mode inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria. In addition, the use of heated-air drying can further suppress heat-sensitive mold.

  • High heating capacity in cold regions (SK Series)
The SK Series incorporates a "Hot Standby Function" that preheats the compressor based on outside temperature conditions to shorten the heating start-up time, along with a hot-gas bypass defrosting control system. With conventional systems, each time the system performs a defrost cycle the indoor temperature drops by 4-5℃, making the room feel chilly and uncomfortable. With the hot-gas bypass defrosting control system, however, a portion of the high-temperature gas flowing to the indoor side is directed to the exterior unit, limiting the drop in indoor temperature and providing non-stop heating.
  • Expanded lineup of models with smartphone control as standard functionality (R Series / TWF Series)
The optional wireless LAN interface, which in the previous lineup was only available as built-in standard functionality for top-of-the-line models (S Series and SK Series), has been integrated as standard on high-performance models (R Series) and standard models (TWF Series), making the smartphone operation functionality available. These models can be controlled with a smartphone without altering the outward appearance of the unit. The operability of these models has also been improved with the capability to link them to a smart speaker (sold separately) to provide voice-activated control or confirmation of the operating status.
  • The lineup of 31 models in five series provides comfortable spaces for diverse lifestyles
Continuing from the 2023 models, all five series have a "WARP" operating mode enabling rapid cooling or heating, an extra-powerful "JET Airflow" operating mode, and a "Allergen-clear" operating mode in which temperature and humidity near the filter is controlled to suppress pollen by using enzymes and urea in the allergen-clear filter.
In addition, the indoor units in the R Series, T Series, and TWF Series are of compact dimensions, with a height of only 25cm, allowing for installation even in tight spaces such as above tall windows or below clipped ceilings.
As with the 2023 models, the S Series, SK Series, and R Series are equipped with a function allowing linked and synchronized operation with the "roomist" SHK Series of hybrid evaporative warm-mist humidifiers from MHI Group firm Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Corporation, allowing for optimal control of the temperature and humidity.
Further, all series contribute to environmental conservation with the use of filter holders made from a synthetic resin containing recycled tea leaves, an upcycling of tea leaves using the Tea Leaves Recycling System developed by Japanese beverage company ITO EN, Ltd.

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