MHI Thermal Systems to Launch Four Room Air-Conditioner Models for Cold Regions

Date: 03 June 2019
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. will from mid-July successively launch four models of residential-use air conditioners specifically designed for cold regions. The SXK Series of high-spec models for cold regions are highly energy efficient with an exceptional annual performance factor (APF)(Note1), and incorporate unique functions to maintain a comfortable living environment in cold areas. These models also use filter holders made from a synthetic resin containing recycled tea leaves(Note2), marking a major advancement in the efficient use of resources.

All four models incorporate a hot gas bypass non-stop heating system, a first time for an R32 refrigerant home air-conditioner, which limits the falloff in temperature when operating in defrost mode (non-stop heating). The incorporation of this function allows these units to operate in heating mode in temperatures as low as minus 25°C, earning them certification as "Attaka Air-con" recommended by Hokkaido Electric Power Company(Note3). The series has also received certification from Tohoku Electric Power Company as "Tohoku Electric Power Company recommended Heating Air-con"(Note4) for achieving a prescribed energy consumption rate when operated in heat mode at a temperature of minus 15°C. The SXK Series also incorporates a "hot standby" function to shorten heating startup times, a function to keep a room temperature at around 10°C to prevent excessive coldness during absences or overnight, an exterior unit anti-freeze heater to prevent damage to the equipment when the temperature drops, and a snow protection fan control function to prevent the exterior unit's fan from being covered by snow.

The new models will also utilize filter holders made from a synthetic resin containing recycled tea leaves, developed by Ito En Ltd. as part of its Used Tea Leaves Recycling System. This feature has been popular in ordinary air conditioning models. A mass production system for resin molding has been established at MHI Thermal Systems' factory in Thailand.

Further, the SXK Series will incorporate the same interior clean operation function as ordinary models, and can also be used in tandem with three models in the "roomist" SHK Series of hybrid evaporative warm-mist humidifiers sold by MHI Group company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Corporation. The humidifier starts and stops automatically in response to signals it receives from the air-conditioner's humidity sensor, maintaining the set humidity.

MHI Thermal Systems, with these four cold-region models in its product lineup, will meet a broad range of user needs in Japan.

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