Midea launched the V8 Series VRF in Dubai

Date: 06 June 2022
Midea launched the V8 Series VRF in Dubai
Midea launched the V8 Series VRF in Dubai
Midea Building Technologies launched the V8 Series VRF in Dubai. This standout product is able to address many of the industry's pain points through ShieldBox, SuperSense, and HyperLink technologies.

The trend of low-carbon intelligent solutions and the shackle of the pain points of the traditional VRF industry are forcing a change in the industry. Gene Sun, GM of Midea KONG Intelligent Building Ltd, introduced the concept of iBuilding solutions. Through big data, IoT, 5G, and other technologies, iBuilding solutions can realize the interoperability of humans, equipment, and space throughout its life cycle.

Industry consultants spelled out the pain points of the building and VRF industry. The ventilation holes in the electric control box of traditional VRFs lead to internal device damage from sand, dust, snow and insects, which is a notable issue in various environments, such as the Middle East and Africa. Traditional VRF installation also increases the difficulty of construction, and the repair process is both time-consuming and costly.

Peter Wu, Chief R&D Engineer of Midea DX Product Company, detailed the breakthrough exploration of Midea V8 Series VRF from a quality, design, and low-carbon standpoint. Midea launched the industry's first fully enclosed electric control box (ShieldBox) to avoid damage to internal components caused by harsh environments. From an installation standpoint, Midea's self-designed communication chip (HyperLink) realizes an arbitrary topology besides the traditional method, reducing installation cost and improving installation efficiency. For operation, V8 Series VRF is equipped with 19 sensors (SuperSense), the most complete range in the industry, allowing for an instant diagnosis of the system's current refrigerant volume.

On the design front, Midea V8 Series VRF introduces a side discharged series in its outdoor unit, which reduces its occupied spaces and makes it easier to transport. A diversified range of indoor units is available to meet the demands of increasingly complex interior spaces, freeing the product from height constraints. As to energy-saving, Midea V8 Series VRF also takes the lead in realizing direct current in all internal and external units and has entered energy partition for zoned energy management.

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