MIRAI introduces revolutionary solution for blood plasma freezing

Date: 01 August 2023
MIRAI introduces revolutionary solution for blood plasma freezing
A revolutionary solution for blood plasma freezing: the MIRAI Cold 20 HOF , specially designed for HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH and adapted to their latest Freeze and thaw unit.

It is the first machine of its kind to utilize integrated air-cycle technology for a minimal footprint on site. This was made possible by the cooperation with partners HOF Sonderanlagenbau, Refolution and Secon. This is not the first big project with partners, but it is no less significant and important.

Complitly environmentally friendly with air as refrigerant, with zero GWP. With advanced air cycle technology, this closed-cycle system ensures precise ultra-low temperature refrigeration. The refrigeration machine at the bottom and chamber on top, maximize space efficiency. Mirai Cold technology provides a new level of temperature flexibility, allowing temperatures as low as -90°C to be regulated. Integrated MC20 HOF is equipped with a highly technological Turbo-module from MIRAI Intex, which doesnt use any oil for lubrication, adjusts rpm automatically and is designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. This technology ensures the same freezing conditions at all times and the same shape of each plasma pack. 

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