MOOD of Clivet wall fancoil unit for residential and tertiary applications

Date: 09 March 2021
MOOD of Clivet wall fancoil unit for residential and tertiary applications

The new design of the units is combined with a wide range of available sizes, each one allowing to cover several capacities depending of the selected fan speed.

The main news can be found in the control options introduced with the updated electronic of the unit, which allow to easily integrate it with Clivet and third party supplied control systems:

  • Compatibility with ELFOControl3 EVO
  • Modbus port as standard 
  • 0-10V input for fan speed control as standard

These functions are in addition to the ones already present on ELFOSpace Wall3:

  • On/Off input 
  • Alarm output (though optional cable)
  • On/Off output
  • Compatibility with CCM-30 centralized control, BMS gateways, wall user interface KJR-90

New Selection Software

MOOD is the first Clivet terminal unit introducing our new selection software “Fancoil Web”. 

The software, available online and in several languages, allows for a simple and complete selection of the fancoil unit though few simple operations:

  1. Select the product type, range and speed
  2. Input the required temperature conditions and capacity
  3. Select the unit among the ones proposed

The output file is clear and complete of all information:

  • By selecting “Print” you can download a pdf file containing all performances and technical information of the product
  • By selecting “Export xml” you will be able to download, in addition to the pdf, an xml file to be used in Clivet Quoting to generate your offer
  • By selecting “Configurations and accessories” you will be able to choose options and accessories for the unit

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