NAVAC Introduces Three New Models for Industrial and Commercial Operations

Date: 09 June 2020
NAVAC Introduces Three New Models for Industrial and Commercial Operations
Heavy duty portfolio helps contractors perform work on large HVAC systems quicker and more reliably than conventional recovery units and vacuum pumps.

NAVAC is introducing a set of solutions designed to significantly reduce the hassle and time needed to service large industrial and commercial HVAC systems. 

Industrial and commercial HVAC systems typically containexceedinglyhigh amounts of refrigerant to be removed. Many also have a lengthy heavy-duty cycle, requiring HVAC tools servicing them to run continuously for extended periods – often days rather than hours. Another servicing challenge for recovery units and vacuum pumps is the frequent presence of moisture and other contaminants found in these systems. Considering these factors, premature equipment failure has been an all-too-common occurrence. 

It is exactly these obstacles that the NAVAC units address. Designed to overcome tough commercial and industrial applications, the solutions include the market’s first four-cylinder recovery unit, and an industry-leading commercial and industrial grade vacuum pump.

For example, NAVAC’s NRDC4M, as the world’s first DC inverter 4-cylinder recovery unit, is the fastest and most powerful machine of its kind on the market. Operating up to 40% faster than 2-cylinder units, the NRDC4M utilizes an efficient brushless DC motor and ultra-effective condenser with an oversized microchannel coil and three cooling fans. Featuring dual oil-free compressors, the unit is suitable for all commonly used refrigerants. The NRDC4M recovery unit is ideal for large tonnage commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

NAVAC also offers two vacuum pumps ideal for heavy duty applications. NAVAC’s NP12DM Vacuum Pump features an industrial-grade design for a rare blend of durability, speed, and power. The unit also offers a flow rate of 12cfm for accelerated industrial performance, and its brushless DC-motor technology maintains peak efficiency while yielding a superior starting performance under low starting amperage and soft-starting down to 30°F. The NP12DM’s two-stage functionality and precision manufacturing provide an industry-leading ultimate vacuum down to 5 microns.

With its integral pump structure and advanced oil management system, the NRD16TVacuumPump thrives in demanding operating environments. The unit comes with a carrying cart for easy portability, andcan perform evacuations even on large systems in matter of hours; competing units often take days. Its impressive flow rate of 12cfm provides fast, robust performance.

“The servicing of commercial and industrial HVAC systems is a market segment in particular need of new solutions to longstanding issues – especially overall job duration and premature equipment failure,” said Stephen Rutherford, VP of HVAC Tools Business for NAVAC. “Aligning with our goal of providing user-friendly equipment and tools that are less complicated and save time, our portfolio of heavy-duty HVAC units offers expedited servicing with enhanced equipment reliability.” 
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