New 1 Ton Manitowoc Nugget Ice Machine

Date: 04 October 2019
New 1 Ton Manitowoc Nugget Ice Machine
Manitowoc is expanding its product line and introducing its new 1 Ton (2,000 lbs.) nugget ice machine. In response to the growing customer demand for a machine with higher daily product capabilities.

The 1 Ton nugget ice machine will feature the same high-quality ice and easy, lump-free serving options, striking a perfect balance that keeps ice hard enough to dispense easily and dilute slowly while providing the chewability that customers love.  To minimize heat and noise which can be generated while making a ton of ice, Manitowoc developed a system with a remote condensing unit that keeps the heat and noise outside the building envelope, allowing customers to have a more relaxing and enjoyable experience while in the store. This system prevents hot air from impacting the HVAC system, which can make it work harder to keep the store cool, and thus improving the overall efficiency of the c-store operation. 

This nugget ice machine is intelligently designed to be serviced without the use of specialized equipment, reducing scheduled maintenance by half of similar equipment in the market, and saving time and money. With over 10,000 service technicians trained annually, ready parts availability through Welbilt KitchenCare®, and a 3-year parts and labor warranty, C-store operators can rest assured that they will have plenty of ice on hand.

Bo Erickson, VP & Managing Director, Manitowoc Ice, commented: "We are excited to launch the 1 Ton Nugget Ice machine as it combines Manitowoc’s commitment to listening to our customers and meeting their needs through our engineering expertise."
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