New Carel's ammonia gas detectors with built-in and remote sensor

Date: 01 March 2021
New Carel's ammonia gas detectors with built-in and remote sensor
Starting from February, CAREL has added new models for R-717 (ammonia - NH3) refrigerant gas to its range of Gas Leakage Detectors (GLD) with built-in or remote sensor.
These detectors, already widely used for CFCs, HFCs, HFOs and CO2 refrigerant gases, are designed to meet all the needs of units that require continuous control and monitoring in the field of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning (supermarkets, shopping centres , and other public places).

The new ammonia gas detectors are high-precision, rapid-response gas leakage measurement devices that add to the range of CAREL devices designed to measure the most common gas leakages. The detectors can be used in stand-alone applications or integrated into CAREL controllers or third-party devices. 
When a leakage is detected above a certain set concentration, the sensor activates an alarm with a local audible and visual warning, and sends the signal to the electronic controller, if connected. This makes it possible to promptly respond to gas leaks and protect the health and safety of people nearby. Remote supervisory systems are also used the control the environment where the refrigerating units are installed, ensuring continuous monitoring, limiting unit downtime due to gas leaks and thus guaranteeing the correct preservation of foodstuffs.


- suitable for installation inside cold rooms with temperatures down to -40°C
- temperature compensation for more accurate detection of gas leakages;
- three relays to differentiate the signals: warning, alarm and general alarm;
- alarm LED with code indicating the type of fault;
- connection to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth interface;
- possibility to replace the sensitive element in the field using a pre-calibrated component.

Mobile device management
CAREL offers the possibility of connecting to and interacting with its gas leakage detectors using the proprietary RILEVA app, available for both Android and iOS smartphone devices. The app can be used for quickly managing the configuration, installation, routine maintenance and service of the detector.

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