New Copeland EazyCool refrigeration units for food retail and food service applications

Date: 31 October 2018
Emerson have presented at Chillventa its new ranges of Copeland EazyCool refrigeration units for food retail and food service applications.

Copeland EazyCool large outdoor refrigeration units for food retail applications
With this range of outdoor refrigeration units, Emerson offers a solution which responds to the increasing demand for high capacity refrigeration units. It has been designed to match the high quality requirements of the food retail sector.
The range features the latest technology in an assembly of high quality components which are adjusted for efficient and reliable operation. Digital scroll compressors offer continuous capacity modulation to match exactly the demand of the application. The EC-fans remove the heat from the condenser in the most efficient and silent way.
The electronic controller allows for precise adjustment and control of all relevant parameters and comprises numerous electronic protection functions for highly reliable operation.
The units are available for medium and low temperature applications and are compliant with the EcoDesign Directive.
The refrigeration units can be used for various target applications such as supermarkets, convenience stores, forecourt sites, cold rooms and fast food stores.

Copeland EazyCool compact ZX outdoor refrigeration units for food service applications
The new range of compact refrigeration units consists of 6 medium temperature models from 1.3 to 3 kW and 3 low temperature models from 1 to 2 kW cooling capacity.
The plug & play units have the smallest footprint in their class which allows for time and space saving installation and easy building integration, as they can be installed in wall or roof mounted applications. The low sound Copeland Scroll compressor and sickle blade fan enable quiet operation, which is important in urban environments and residential areas.
The units are qualified for use with low GWP refrigerants in both low and medium temperature applications, giving the customer flexibility in refrigerant choice.
They are ideal for applications such as convenience & city center stores, cold rooms, food service and service stations.
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