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Fans in refrigerated and deep-freeze cabinets are operated almost continuously, so they offer especially large potential energy savings. The proven energy-saving fan from ebm-papst is now available with a diagonal impeller for especially tight spaces in the rear walls of refrigerated display cases. Ideal for tight spaces The axial fans from ebm-papst are designed for installation beneath the shelves in refrigerated and deep-freeze cabinets. The new diagonal fans, on the other hand, are intended for installation in the rear walls of refrigerated display cases. There is only very limited space for installation there, but with its very flat design, the diagonal fan fits in the narrow gap perfectly and conveys the air in spite of the relatively high back pressure. High reliability The new diagonal fan features specially optimized noise and air flow characteristics in the medium pressure range at 65 Pa and 500 m³/h. Additional benefits come with its efficient GreenTech EC motor: higher efficiency than AC fans, compact design, and flexible adjustability via a programming interface or an optional ESM plug-in module. The EC motor’s minimal self-heating results in further energy savings. Its expected lifetime is more than 40,000 hours, which corresponds to approximately 4.5 years of continuous operation and means high reliability for the operator. The entire, fully harmonized functional unit also features impressively simple plug & play installation and commissioning. Use in ceiling air coolers The energy-saving fan with diagonal impeller is also suitable for use in ceiling air coolers, for example in small commercial cold storage rooms such as bakeries or butcher shops. The diagonal positioning of the blades redirects the incoming air radially toward the outlet. The flat design and high pressure insensitivity are additional pluses for this application. Placing a FlowGrid air inlet grill on the intake side can reduce noise emission further. The fan is available now in sizes 200 and 250.   Two fans per running meter are normally installed in supermarket refrigerated display cases, which are in operation almost 24 hours a day. The rugged and compact energy-saving fans from ebm-papst with their high-efficiency GreenTech EC motors are ideal for this application. Now they feature a MODBUS RTU interface for remote monitoring, control and regulation. Remote monitoring during operation For years, energy-saving fans from ebm-papst have been the first choice when it comes to reliable cooling in supermarkets. They are proven axial fans designed for installation beneath the shelves in refrigerated and deep-freeze cabinets. With their new serial interface for MODBUS RTU communication, many monitoring, control and regulation functions can now be performed remotely during operation and in real time, enabling operators to adjust operating parameters quickly in order to respond promptly to changing situations such as day/night mode or frequent opening of the doors at times of high demand. Preventive maintenance to avoid downtime Recording the operating time facilitates preventive maintenance for effective avoidance of downtime. Should servicing still be needed, the affected fans are easily recognized thanks to MODBUS RTU communication. Fail-safe functionality enables safe operation even in the event of a bus communication failure; the fans simply continue to run at the configured speed. Additional energy savings through reduced demand for refrigeration With networked devices, overall system efficiency can be significantly increased by demand-based speed control of individual units. Specific speeds can be set in switching mode via RSA and RSB. Reduced demand for refrigeration power correspondingly reduces the amount of power needed by the compressors, with positive effects on total energy consumption. Mechanical compatibility The impellers are aerodynamically optimized, making the fans very quiet. Moreover, the energy-saving fans need no paint – a bonus for the environment. The new MODBUS RTU version is mechanically compatible with the existing ESM series. Its 24 VDC power supply and simple plug & play connection to building control systems make it easy to install and highly versatile. The fans will be available as of July 2017.   Read Mode
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