New Range Of Cubic Unit Coolers For CO2 Applications from LU-VE

Date: 17 February 2020
New Range Of Cubic Unit Coolers For CO2 Applications from LU-VE
New Range Of Cubic Unit Coolers For CO2 Applications from LU-VE
New Range Of Cubic Unit Coolers For CO2 Applications from LU-VE
Over the years, LU-VE Group has made considerable efforts to design and offer to the market products for CO2 applications. 

Starting in 2004 with the first transcritical installation in Europe and in 2010 building the first laboratory dedicated to heat exchangers for CO2 applications (the only one in Europe for years), LU-VE gained over 16 years of experience in this specific field. 

Today the challenge is to make the use of CO2 more accessible to everybody, easier, safer and with shorter pay-back time. 

With this in mind, LU-VE Group is pleased to present the new ranges of cubic unit coolers whose purpose is to further boost the use of CO2 as a refrigerant and consequently decrease the direct emissions in the atmosphere.

These new ranges are already available in  Refriger selection software starting from February 2020.

Thanks to the optimized inner grooved tube and high-efficiency louvred fin pattern (a characteristic feature of LU-VE’s innovative technology), the ECS range increases both performance and strength. The maximum operating pressure is in fact 60 bar as standard.
This range is made in Italy.

The list of accessories is the same as the current CHS range. Please note that hot glycol defrost is not available in the new ECS range, but it is still available in the CHS-LHS version.

The purpose of this new range is to improve the efficiency of the current F45HC and F50HC range. Thanks to a new advanced coil pattern with optimized inner grooved tube and louvred fin, the EHC family gives higher performance. Available for HFC and CO2, this new family presents the following benefits:
- Reduced refrigerant charge for HFC and HFO applications: up to 30% less (F-GAS);
- More strength with 60 bar operating pressure as standard for CO2 applications

These unit coolers are manufactured only in the European LU-VE factories. As an alternative from non-EU LU-VE factories, the equivalent F45HC and F50HC are still available.

In addition, the operating pressure of the CO2 range of the EHC family in its standard configuration is 60 bar and therefore substantially higher than the operating pressure of the FHC family (45 bar). 

The EHC unit coolers with freon refrigerant are already EUROVENT certified, while the EHC units for CO2, like all the other available CO2 unit coolers, will be certified by the end of this year. The available accessories for the EHC units are:

Alupaint coating
EC fans
Fan shroud heaters
Air streamer
Textile tube adapters
Unit cooler isolator switches
Insulated drain tray
The following defrost types can be selected:

N – Air defrost
E – Electric defrost
G – Hot gas defrost in the coil and electric defrost in the drain tray
Find out more on our website about: HFO, CO2

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