Panasonic Introduces a New Era of ECOi: The ECOi-W Heat Pump Chiller Series

Date: 25 September 2019
Panasonic Introduces a New Era of ECOi: The ECOi-W Heat Pump Chiller Series
Panasonic Introduces a New Era of ECOi: The ECOi-W Heat Pump Chiller Series

Panasonic has announced its new Heat Pump Chiller series ECOi-W. This new offering provides a wide variety of reliable and powerful HVAC chiller solutions to meet the needs of hotels, commercial and industrial premises.

Available in a range of sizes, offering heating and cooling capacities from 20kW to 210kW and with outstanding energy-efficiency, the new ECOi-W Heat Pump Chiller Series has high SEER/SCOP values (average SEER of 3.85 and SCOP 3.32). With guaranteed quiet operation for comfort and a compact footprint, the series is designed and optimised for easy service and maintenance.

Not compromising on product quality, Panasonic’s new Heat Pump Chiller range comes fully equipped with high quality components such as special defrost limiting coils, low noise kits and Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating as standard, for reliable, quality assured products.

The entire range is cloud-compatible for ease of use with convenient remote control and maintenance to optimise costs. For sizes 140-210kW, the cloud comes as standard. It also seamlessly interfaces with established Building Management Systems (BMS) and VRF systems for effective monitoring, streamlined reporting and management.

The solution can be tailored to individual customer requirements by selecting the most suitable specification from Panasonic’s full range of Heat Pump Chillers, such as ambient options, pump type and hydraulic options. This flexible approach ensures the series is the perfect solution for hotels, offices and industrial buildings with particularly specific or unusual requirements.

The ECOi-W series provides optimal performance in any climatic condition. It operates in heating mode at outdoor temperatures as low as -17°C and in cooling mode at outdoor temperatures up to 50°C. Thanks to a defrost limiting coil design, a maximum 15% higher COP is achieved when compared to a standard coil. Each pair of coils can be defrosted while the other pair of coils are running in heating mode. This alternated defrost cycle ensures stable hot water even at low ambient temperatures. The maximum water outlet temperature range for heating is 50°C and 55°C for sizes 140-210kW.

Although the series is cloud compatible, every model is fitted with a simple, user friendly control panel which includes an intelligent logic device for inlet water temperature, automatic test operation and night setback operation to help reduce electrical consumption and noise – perfect for hotels.

In line with the release of the New Heat Pump Chiller Series ECOi-W, a complete catalogue has been created detailing all the necessary information required for this new innovative HVAC solution from Panasonic.

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