Panasonic Launches CO2 Condensing Unit For Commercial Refrigeration In The UK

At the recent Panasonic Convention in Mallorca it was announced that the Panasonic natural CO2 4kW/2HP condensing unit for commercial refrigeration aimed at small supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations will be available in the UK from March of this year via UK distributors. TFS Solutions are among the first of the UK distributors to be stocking the new CO2 condensing units. Andy Reed – Commercial Director of TF Solutions commented “We are excited to be able to add the new environmentally friendly CO2 condensing units from Panasonic to our product range to further extend our offering to our UK client base in the commercial refrigeration sector. Furthermore, we can also supply all complimentary products to go with these units, such as K65 pipe and fittings, the CO2 and evaporators. The new units offer a stable, natural and reliable solution that can help save on energy bills and are suitable for both freezing and refrigeration.” Panasonic is not new to this product market and has over 10 years’ experience in developing technologies using CO2 as a natural refrigerant. In Japan, Panasonic has significant expertise in this area with over 6,600 units currently installed in small supermarkets and convenience stores across the country. Having developed the latest version of the new CO2 condensing units over time and thus building up essential knowledge and understanding of the end user experience and challenges, Panasonic’s solution helps to overcome some of the major hurdles that small retail outlets encounter with previous solutions that are currently on the market. The Panasonic units offer a stable and reliable system that helps to maximise energy efficiency with a low carbon footprint. Furthermore, the units can be set to run at low and medium temperatures with four initial settings which can be modified by turning a simple and user friendly rotary switch to further enhance energy savings. Tony Nielsen – Marketing Manager at Panasonic UK “The main points to note with this product is its low carbon footprint, energy saving capacity, reliability and low refrigerant charge. Installation has also been made easy with its compact size and plug & play applications, ensuring a simple and low-cost install. It’s a product we are very pleased to now offer in the UK”. To ensure a quick and easy install of the product, Panasonic are offering a one box solution that includes the condensing unit, a panel pre-programmed controller, expansion valve and sensors in addition to providing easy to understand instructions. The units are compact, lightweight, have low noise levels and designed to fit into smaller spaces with dimensions of (HWD) 930mm x 800mm x 350mm and weighs only 67kg.
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