Roller extends modularity of FHV air cooler series

Date: 29 March 2022
Roller extends modularity of FHV air cooler series
With its FHV/T commercial air cooler series, Roller has been offering a proven concept of extremely modular air coolers for years, which have now been extended with further variables in the unit depth. 

The core idea behind the modular design of the FHV/T is to cover the requirements for different cooling applications in a project with just one unit series. The unit can be variably configured with 1 to 6 fans in diameters of 250, 300, 450 mm, different blade geometries, material combinations and accessories in length and height. In this way, the FHV always offers the ideal solution in terms of stack height, room height and width, and air throw.

New is the additional variability of 4 or 6 tube rows in the block depth for the larger types with 1-3 fans and ø450mm. For these, fin spacing of 4 and 7 mm for HFC and brine or 4, 7 and 12 mm for CO2 applications can be offered. For the CO2 evaporators, the max. permitted pressure is PS 80bar. With the extension by a further unit depth, the unit can thus be adapted even better to the available cold room sizes and applications. With a unit height from 350 mm, the FHV series is one of the flattest and most compact modular-cubic air coolers in its performance class.

The customer's request to connect the pre-wired fans and heating rods for the 1-3 fan units to external terminal boxes for easy installation and service was also considered.

To ensure the proven defrosting safety, a fifth heating rod is inserted in the block for the units with 6 rows of tubes for deep-freeze applications. 

The new modular combinations can be configured in the new version of the selection software from 1 April 2022. 

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