Rosenberg ECFanGrid Technology Is Now Available With Innovative New "Gen 3" EC Fans

Date: 01 May 2020
Rosenberg ECFanGrid Technology Is Now Available With Innovative New Gen 3 EC Fans
The Rosenberg ECFanGrid is now available with the company’s new Generation 3 EC motor. The new motor, recently named a finalist in the AHR 2020 Innovation Awards Competition, offers users 20-30% more air movement power, greater electrical efficiency and other technological advancements.

The ECFanGrid consists of a series of electronically commutated (EC) backward curved fans operating in parallel as a unit. It is a highly efficient, cost-effective alternative to single large belt-driven radial fans for air handling units.

Thanks to its modular design, the ECFanGrid can be assembled on site, whether in retrofit or new project applications. The ECFanGrid’s flat profile also creates up to 50% space savings.

Compared to old-style radial fan units, the ECFanGrid is easier to install, provides higher volume and more uniform airflow with less low-frequency noise and built-in redundancy for greater reliability.

Rosenberg's Gen 3 EC motor makes the ECFanGrid even more reliable with advanced ModBus RTU functionality, built-in preventive maintenance and reliability features – integrated inspection LED, Electronic Quick-Change capability, IT network support – and increased failure safety.

ECFanGrid fan units can be joined in any quantity or arrangement – 1×3, 2×2, 2×3, 3×3 – multiplying the Gen 3 motor's increased power and providing virtually limitless application flexibility. All units within the grid work together, simplifying implementation of airflow, pressure or temperature controls.
Rosenberg Gen 3 EC motors also come with these motor innovations:
• 200 to 480-VAC 3-Phase Supply. Previous EC motor generations were designed for either 200-230-VAC or 380-480-VAC input power which required manufacturers to inventory both. Our new motor automatically adjusts to the actual input power across the entire range, allowing reduced inventory cost. (Airflow is always maximized at 460-Volt input voltage.)
• 280 to 680-VDC Power Supply. Motor automatically adjusts from AC to DC-input voltage when required in data centers or in back-up battery applications.
• Integrated visual inspection LED which displays the motors’ condition and Modbus operation status.

The ECFanGrid is a powerful retrofit solution for mechanical contractors, architects, and energy management groups. While the entire assembly can be purchased from from Rosenberg, it's not the only way to deploy ECFanGrid technology.
A "build-your-own" ECFanGrid solution saves money and comes with factory support and access to RoVent10 software for easy configuration, technical drawings, wiring assistance, energy audit testing and air flow measurement. Many mechanical contractors can perform the necessary sheet metal fabrication and the Gen 3 EC fan products needed are available from Rosenberg's North Carolina warehouse for immediate delivery.

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