Sanhua introduced RFKH Series with Optimized Design

Date: 02 July 2024
Sanhua introduced RFKH Series with Optimized Design
Sanhua is pleased to announce the introduction of the optimized RFKH series thermostatic expansion valves. These valves are designed to regulate the mass flow of refrigerant into the evaporator while controlling the refrigerant's superheat at the evaporator outlet. Suitable for various refrigerants under all working conditions, the RFKH series is ideal for refrigeration systems such as freezers, ice makers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and heat pumps across a wide range of evaporation temperatures.

The company has implemented design changes to optimize the product structure and performance, maintaining piping connections without installation impact as follows:
  • Valve Body: The compact design of the valve body reduces installation space requirements. Connection size and position remain the same, allowing for quick switching between the new and old series.
  • Superheat Adjustment End: The adjustment end is now deeper within the valve body, making it easier to locate with a screwdriver and reducing the risk of slipping during adjustments.
  • Installation Part: Structural optimization and upgrade result in time savings during installation, making it more convenient, reliable, and easier to adjust.
  • Orifice: The performance remains consistent with the previous generation (same cooling capacity), enabling direct switching between the new and old series.
With these enhancements, the new generation RFKH platform continues to deliver reliable and efficient performance under all operating conditions, meeting the demands of customers for high-quality and effective solutions in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

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